NBCC St. Andrews Graduation

We were very pleased to attend the 2019 Graduation ceremonies today at NBCC St. Andrews.

It was a great opportunity to celebrate our partnership with the college, as the carpentry and electrical trades completed another home for one of our future Habitat Homeowners!

To celebrate our partnership this year, we collaborated with the instructors to create a new award – called the Habitat for Humanity Award – it recognizes one student who displayed a significant achievement or contribution during the year. The inaugural winner this year is Mike Theriault! We presented the award along with a small token of appreciation to Mike inside the recently completed home. Congratulations Mike, and we wish you and the rest of the grads great success as each of you put your new skills to work!

PS The home will placed in its permanent location in St. Stephen in a few weeks. Stay tuned for photos and details on the Habitat Homeowner family we’ve selected for this home!

2019 Graduation
2019 Graduates
Some of the grads and instructors inside the Habitat Home
Kevin Perry, CEO presenting the award to Mike Theriault